Product Information

Benefits of Point of Sale Presentation
Custom Time-Out Screens

If you are worried that the device might time out and enter sleep mode if no one picks it up right away, don't! We've included Custom Time-Out Screens that are editable to advertise your specials and packages. If the program is unused for over 3 minutes, tailored advertisements will begin to play like a slideshow, drawing your customer's attention to it.

Custom Banners

The visuals in this Point of Sale Presentation are completely customiziable. Upload your photos for the landing page to best represent your salon to wow your customers when they first open the app.

Package Comparision Chart

The customizable Package Comparison Chart allows your customers to view package information and compare them all at one place. The Package Comparison Chart does not have to include all the shown fields, and can show up to five packages.


Your products are displayed in a clean grid format that your customers can quickly browse through as well as search specifically at the top using our product search options. The individual product page displays a large photo accompanied by a text area, name, package level, and pricing information. We've integrated an opportunity to advertise your other products or services that you think your customer will be interested in trying.

e-Club Membership

Your members sign up easily without asking a new customer to fill out a stack of paperwork. Your customers can sign up using their name, email address, and birthday. You collect real contact information from customers that you know are interested in your salon's products and services so you don't waste your time.

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